How to change default email in quickbooks for mac

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Email Overview

Solved Change email "From" address. QuickBooks Desktop.

Best answer Accepted Solutions. Here's how to set up Outlook in QuickBooks Desktop: Same problem. I need to change my from email for invoices and estimates to a new email address. I've changed it in my MY Company but the forms keep sending from the old email. If I'm set for Outlook and using the radio button why wou Office is Office is not laid out that way. Click the Add button. QuickBooks opens the Add Email Info window. Enter your email information. Enter your full e-mail account name in the Email Id box, such as " me hotmail.

If you select Others you will have to fill in the Server Name and Port. The Default Port is If you have trouble connecting with that Port, contact your E-mail Provider for an alternative.

Set Preferences for Sending Forms

Click OK. Have Outlook open. When you are in a Form and click E-mail to send it, an Outlook message window will open. You can modify the E-mail as if you created it from scratch. You will see the form you want to send listed as Attached to your e-mail. You can add other attachments as well. The To address should already be filled in for you if the customer or vendor is set up with one.

Or you can add or change the To address. QuickBooks E-mail is only available to users who subscribe to at least one of these services: To set up the Bcc e-mail address: Create an Email Template for each form in the "Show" drop down menu. Choose the forms you want to have a Bcc e-mail address.

Solved: How do I change to default email I sent my invoices from?

Click OK after setting up each form. You will have to do one at a time. They can each have a different Bcc address. Email Forms and Reports Forms such as an invoice or purchase order will be sent to your recipient as a PDF file attached to the email. Change the Default Email Message for a Form When you email an invoice, statement, estimate, report, paystub, or other form, QuickBooks creates an email message to accompany the form.

To perform this task Open the Send Forms preferences.

How to Set Outlook as default Email & Mail Client

Click the Company Preferences tab. Click the Show drop-down arrow and select a form type. Select the template in the list that you want to be the default for this form. Click Edit. The Edit Email Template window opens. At the top of the window, select the Default checkbox.

I want to change the default email address QB's uses to send communication. How do I do that?

Edit the template as needed. To add a variable field to your email template, such as an invoice number or due date, click the Insert Field drop-down arrow and select a field. QuickBooks automatically replaces the field with the correct information in each email you send. Click Save. To perform this task Go to the Company menu and click My Company. Enter the new email address in the Email field. Enter your email information Click OK.

Outlook To use Outlook, select Outlook. Typically, you configure profile settings through the Windows Control Panel. If you consult Outlook's help for assistance, search for the term "profile" to view the most relevant topics. QuickBooks E-mail is available only to certain QuickBooks users. QuickBooks E-mail is only available to users who subscribe to 1 or more of these services: Recent Posts. What's New in QuickBooks