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This sounds crazy, but hey, it's one way to deal with crazy licensing requirements. Brand Representative for StarWind. Short of that, what else would be a factor? PSU bridge failure Seen this happen in a TwinServer frame so the "redundant" power become non-redundant and failed. Wallmart or Best buy grade UPS's will also not likely work for what you are looking for for a few reasons. You cause double sine wave problems, and I've yet to find a colo that will warn you when it's power is going to fail, but I've seen plenty who's power has.

I know there's a lot of armchair sysadmins here who give advise here without having experience but I generally speak from things I've seen Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Hi All, For development and testing purposes, I have a need to run 10 mac We found 8 helpful replies in similar discussions:. Fast Answers! L Nov 06, Get access to a Mac. Was this helpful?

How Server Virtualization Works on Mac Hardware and OS X

Thai Pepper. TechTornado Nov 06, Definitely get some hardware, install the latest OS and start playing. See all 8 answers. Popular Topics in Desktop Virtualization. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Ghost Chili. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. Pure Capsaicin. Rod-IT Nov 23, at PleaseRestart88 Nov 23, at Rod-IT wrote: KrisLeslie Nov 23, at Alternatively if you want the server version of Apple OS then download it, last time I checked its only like If you do a Type-2 hypervisor, same rules apply your just sharing resources with host.

Edited Nov 23, at PleaseRestart88 wrote: You can only legally run MacOS on Mac hardware - your option is not legal and not supported, if you need to run macs you need a mac I'll be running ESXi on a Mac Pro, as well as Parallels Why are you going to use both? If you have a mac pro to use, why did you mention the unlocker.

Combine it with AutoDMG and vfuse and you can be up and running very quickly. Rod-IT Nov 25, at PleaseRestart88 Nov 27, at Rod-IT Nov 27, at Or look into iSCSI. I have two MacPro 5. Look here: StorageNinja This person is a verified professional. Couple things For one off development Fusion isn't bad as a type 2. KrisLeslie wrote: Careful with power loss protection on them.

One part of the org is working hard for the enterprise, While the other does the exact opposite consumer focus. The carefully crafted "experience" that Apple has built over the last decade would be nullified by dipping too far into the desktop virtualization space. The tables have already turned in the influence scene As Apple builds out cloud services next in line would be greater collaboration on iCloud sometime next year , SMB's and mid-market sized organizations will gravitate towards hosted webified services that will reduce the demand for Mac desktop virtualization.

Its not really stupid just a wish that will never happen. A fun client with some nice features but, in all, just a client.

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Eventually it remotes to another OS that can be easily manipulated and controlled - usually a windows OS. Apple has a cash cow in charging people more money for a brand name and gimmicks than it does for the actual hardware it produces. This is why it has a much higher profit margin, and makes much more of its PC sales than the other companies do.

As soon, as people get annoyed that OSX is one of the only OSes out there that cannot be virtualized, and it has a loss of market share - then it will virtualized.

But make no mistake, its not doing so for the benefit of a "quality" experience. I just wish XenClient would work on a Mac.

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So far after the demo made at Synergy a year or two ago, there's been no sign of them doing that. He's right in that doing VDI there's really no need to do so; that's probably why Apple hasn't invested any time in it. This would save on people having to run dual boots, and would work much more natively than a type 2 like VMWare Fusion or Parallels, both of which have flaws that prevent me from using it again.

I have never been a proponent of OSX being used on non-Apple hardware though. This opinion is trying to "Microsoft" a solution to PC owners that aren't Apple owners.

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We have a demand for virtualized Mac at my university. Students need to be able to access apps for their projects where ever they are Windows or Mac.


I've noticed that many that use our XenApp farm are Mac users. I keep getting requests for remote access for Mac apps but I can't right now. Though I need to see if Aqua Connect has improved. We also don't want to deal with massive Mac Pros taking up precious rack space. Why not certify a tier 1 server vender? Good old buddy IBM? Oracle's Sun servers have a Xserve'esque look to them. I do see Brian's point that the cloud makes virtualiztion pointless but people still need to use the Desktop until we fully transition over to the desktop mindset.

Apple won't virtualize Mac OS X, it has nothing to do with remote desktop display issues, little to do with desktops and everything to do with OS X being a legacy platform. Apple's server hardware was killed a couple of years ago. Relegating the hardware to being just another device that iCloud will replicate stuff to even suggesting that Windows 7 an acceptable desktop OS , and downgrading OS X to being a glorified app, only installable from the Mac App Store.

Apple's future is tied to iOS and the devices that run it. Why invest in anything that will enable anyone to prolong the life of a product that is no longer part of where Apple is going. I think this is one of the worst blog entries you've had. First of all, why not virtualize it? Yes, this is how Apple works - they control all sides so they can "guarantee" a consistent user experience, etc - so I know its not likely to run on my PC any time soon. But thats Apple's motivation, not mine.

So I've got to buy a whole mac, carry it around all the time, etc, just so I can help them out on occasion? Next, all I hear from a lot of really smart sources is how everything will be virtual So if the concept is ok for everything else, why not the Mac. Yes, there will be support headaches for things that just don't work well enough. But if Citrix and others can figure out how to give a pretty darn good experience of the windows platform over a vpn connection or similar , there isn't any reason we can't get the same for a mac.

Lastly, we've got fusion and parallels so you can run Windows stuff on the mac, why not something that can run Mac on Windows???? Apple will probably always be closed. Apple is no different now than in the early 80s. The same thing that made the IBM PC so dominant in the market, including at home so you can't say its an ibm business monopoly was the 3rd-party open standard.

Its the same thing that makes things so frustrating on windows7. Apple by comparison only ever does it there way. Apple vs Android is the same thing.

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  4. Can you get a keyboard-based iphone, no. But ios 4 runs on a 3gs. There's nothing to stop you from virtualizing your Mac if you want to do that to make support easier providing you can run it on Apple hardware , but that doesn't mean that Apple is going to do much to help you. Agree that Apple is pressing on with enabling the new world. Why are we still talking about layer cake and app-virt? In the licensing. Because they will run on ordinary hardware.

    Naturally we do our testing on actual iOS tablets, but to increase that to automation and start getting efficient, we have this to purchase this additional huge ridiculous system. We are on the verge of just saying use android or Windows tablets, we can efficiently validate those. Now where is the money for Mac going to come from?

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    Virtual desktops present unique security concerns. Take these three steps to better secure VDI environments from the start. VDI management is complicated, but the right troubleshooting tool can make it less so.