All my files mac not showing

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By continuing to browse the site, closing this banner, scrolling this webpage, or clicking a link, you agree to these cookies. You can review our privacy policy for additional information. So you can create something that basically does the same thing. How you would do that is first go to the area that you want to search.

"All my files" gone, how to tune recents?

So I'm going to go to my Home folder here. I'm going to create a new Smart Folder here. What I'm going to do is make sure I'm searching the right thing. So search my Home directory. Then I'm going to hit the plus button here to add search criteria.

How to Display “All My Files” Folder in macOS High Sierra?

The simplest thing I can think to do is just say that the Kind is Document. All sorts of things.

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  • It probably includes everything that you need. So you're good to go here. So let's go and Save this out now. I'm going to hit the Save button and it's going to ask me to create a name. So I'll call it All My Files. So it's like it was before.

    How to view hidden files on Mac

    I'm going to make sure I've checked off Add to Sidebar, which isn't checked by default. So this is going to save this Smart folder in a Saved Searches folder that you probably never access but the important thing is adding it to the sidebar will give you easy access over here. So I'll hit Save. Now I see All My Files. I'm going to click and drag that to the top and if I select it I get the search here. If you don't see one of these here then you just want to go to View and Show View Options, Command J, and make sure Date Modified or Date Created is checked so you can see all of these things.

    Then you can sort on any of these by clicking on it.

    How to Get Back “All My Files” Folder in High Sierra | MacsPro

    You can sort backwards or forwards in either order. You get basically what you had before. You can do it in Icon View. Now I see the most recent thing at the top. This really closely approximates the All My Files view that you had before. I'm going to remove Recents. I can go to Finder, Preferences, and then Sidebar and there's Recents. I can take that away. Now if I wanted to create something a little more custom what I can do is click here in the Gear and do Show Search Criteria. This will bring all the stuff back up.

    So you have Kind is Document.

    I'm going to hold the option key down and click the plus button. You can see how it changes and I'm going to use the Any of the following are true. So I can continue to add different Kinds here but not everything. This first line here, Kind is document, I can get rid of that. Minus there.