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I hope someone like you could make a single page with links comparing how windows did things like this and what Apple does. I wish Apple context windows had more options.

Connecting a Mac computer to a projector or TV or monitor using HDMI

That is one of the Windows benefits, where ever you are pretty much right click and all the options you would like are there. Also, if there are other things you would like to do, for example one standard context option should I say is not standard is right click save to folder or copy to folder. But if you google you desires some one has already made up a program you download for free. It makes th registry changes for you and your done.

How to Use a Projector With a Mac Laptop | Your Business

One of the benefits are all the free and low cost apps that after all this time Microsoft is finally doing the same. Anyway, Thanks again. But how to stop mac from automatically changing primary monitor? And then I have to manually change it back.

Setting up a Mac laptop to display content on a projector

I have the right cable, but when I connect the two, my new laptop is the controlling system. How can I change it? Wish I had seen this earlier but this helped me a lot! Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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How to Set the Primary Display on a Mac

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MacBook Air models are available with an inch display and a inch display, while MacBook Pro models are available with inch display and a inch display. All MacBooks come with a Thunderbolt port, which you use with a separately purchased adapter to connect to a VGA projector.

Connecting MacBook to an external LCD Screen

The Thunderbolt port, identified with a lightning bolt icon, is located on the right side of the MacBook Air and on the left side of the MacBook Pro. This causes the MacBook to display whatever you see on its screen simultaneously with the VGA projector. Sometimes you may have to tell your computer to detect the new projector.

You can do this by going into the Apple menu, selecting System Preferences, then Displays. If you have an iBook laptop, you can only mirror your display. If you have a PowerBook, you have the option of showing a different display on the projector and on your laptop.

You can display your Keynote or Powerpoint presentation on the projector, while viewing speaker notes and other controls on the laptop display.